In order to take full advantage of your investment without any worries, please take note of the rules and conditions related to the reimbursement of your purchase by return of goods at the end of the 3 year period.


You buy one or more diamonds and you realise that it has lost value or you simply want to recover your capital?invested? We undertake to refund your purchase under the conditions listed below:


Rule n° 1

The return of goods must be requested by the original buyer and through this website or at this email address: or by registered mail to the company's head office. You will be required to provide a copy of your purchase invoice and a photo of the item you wish to return. 


Rule No. 2

In order for you to really realise the potential of your investment, we have estimated that you can only apply for a refund at the end of the 3rd year following your purchase. To do this, the refund and return claims should be made between the 33rd and 36th month after purchase.   


Rule No. 3

This offer is only available for a purchase made through this website unless otherwise agreed in writing (in the latter case, the invoice will mention the possibility or not of a refund at the end of the 3 years). 


Rule no. 4

This offer is limited to a maximum purchase amount of 5000 Dollars/Euros per customer per year.

But if like us, you are convinced that our diamonds have potential, do not hesitate to exceed this amount, taking into account that only 5000 Dollars/Euros per year and per customer can be refunded by return. 


Rule No. 5

Costs other than the purchase price of the diamond will not be refunded. These non-refundable costs include, in particular, delivery costs, return costs and any taxes or customs duties related to the country of destination. Only the purchase price of the diamond will therefore be refunded. If the customer decides to pick up the diamond in our shop and returns it in the same way, it will be fully refunded.


Rule n° 6

A purchase made in USD will be refunded in USD and a purchase in EUR will be refunded in EUR.


Rule No. 7

The products must imperatively be in their original packaging, undamaged, accompanied by their certificate of origin, as well as the original invoice/delivery note. Products returned in this way must not have been unpacked, unsealed or used in any way whatsoever. Incomplete, damaged or soiled goods will not be taken back. The customer shall bear the direct costs of returning the product.   


Good trade to all....