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Gone are the days when buying diamonds was just a means to beautify oneself. Today, it is much smarter to buy a diamond and turn it into an investment!

Nowadays, many people have started to consider buying diamonds as an investment. This alternative way of making a profit in the diamond industry has become popular following the financial crises that have shaken the world economy.

In addition, diamonds as an investment have experienced steady growth in value over the past few years - almost 5% per year! Unlike volatile stocks, this characteristic of diamonds is profitable enough to be taken seriously.

If you, as an individual jeweler, wish to invest in natural diamonds, a good option is to go to a reliable retailer or to find a good company online that specializes in these operations. But this is not enough. As with the stock market, you need to learn all the rules of the industry and compare the many options to buy a diamond safely and in the right way.

At Pinkish Diamonds, importer and exporter of diamonds, you can be sure to buy your diamond at the best price. You buy directly from the diamond dealer in Antwerp at unbeatable prices. 

The diamonds chosen here have been carefully selected to guarantee you a good investment. 

The careful selection of our diamonds even allows us to take back your diamonds after the 3rd year.

On our site you will find mainly pink diamonds because they are for us the safest value to invest in diamonds. You will also find other colors whose intensity and quality have been carefully selected for your optimal return. 

If you have any other requests, please do not hesitate to contact us, we can also offer you other diamonds not present on this site at very interesting prices. 

Contrary to other investment sites, here you are the owner of your diamond. You have therefore all the leisure to resell it or to have a magnificent jewel made.

Then do not hesitate any more, buy our diamonds, that will enable us to propose others and thus to be able to satisfy even more of your requests.

Stéphane Dortu

Graduated as "Polished Diamond Grader" at the IGI (International Gemological Institute.)





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